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"I have a dream, I design, and I do it!"

Our Core Values

What drive us, and what motivate us

Team first

We emphasize teamwork, and it is only when each individual partner the team's interests ahead of personal interests that we can build world-class products together.


We expect our partners to bravely confront difficulties without evasion or shirking responsibilities, and overcome various challenges together!

Growth mindset

Startups often face various challenges, so continuous learning and applying what we learn is essential.

Mission Statement

Assisting commercial fleets in delivering wow experiences!

Vision Statement

Creating world-class commercial fleet software.

Talent Development & Engagement

Valuing the learning and growth of every team member,

and leading oneself to create team influence.

New employee orientation

New hires will receive a dedicated training roadmap and a mentor to provide guidance. Also, we have weekly 1-on-1 sessions, reducing the anxiety and unfamiliarity of new hires

Internal Sharing

We regularly hold sharing sessions and internal training courses to help team members become more competitive in the workplace

Learning resources

In addition to the monthly subscribed HBR and Manager Magazine, all employees can apply for reimbursement of job-related courses, whether they are online or in-person seminars

Caring for employees

We have regular one-on-one sessions to not only understand each other's work situation but also provide timely help or resources when needed!

Flexible and Open Work Environment

Improves Partner Productivity

We are committed to creating a comfortable work environment

where employees can find fulfillment in their work both physically and mentally.

Hybrid Office Model

Work-From-Home Option Available on Wednesdays and Thursdays Based on Job Requirements

Standard Equipment

Full-time employees are provided with a Mac computer and a monitor, which eliminates the need to commute with a laptop every day and reduces the risk of neck and back pain

Bringing pets to work

Welcome employees to bring their pets to work, and can interact with pets during work hours

Snack Bar

Free snacks are available all day to create a comfortable working environment

Work Hard, Play Hard

Team Building

We regularly hold team-building activities to help employees relax, improve teamwork, and build strong relationships among team members

Employee Gathering

Departmental dinners and annual year-end banquets are held periodically

Exercise time

In addition to the annual health check-up subsidy, our employees often organize after-work running and hiking sessions, promoting not only physical fitness but also mental well-being

Our member

See what the team has to say

Product Designer

Shan Liu

"At first, I thought the bosses were daring to let me make decisions. Later, I realized that it was a way to trust team members. On this stage, those who are not afraid of making mistakes can learn so much more than they imagine."

Front End Engineer

Simon Yu

"If you are someone who thrives on team collaboration and values continuous self-learning, then you would be a perfect fit for 3drens. As we continue to experience explosive growth, we welcome you to bring your unique skills and expertise to the table, and help us generate innovative ideas and spark new possibilities!"

Back End Engineer

Ruby Chen

"3drens is a great stage where I can discuss with everyone, give full play to my talents, work with the founder, and experience all kinds of challenges with passionate colleagues. The feeling of overcoming obstacles is really fulfilling."

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