Connected urban transport

A new advanced way to deliver goods and services to customers, while also delivering on the promise to the next generation that we are working towards a greener future.

A perfect balance of function and safety

We designed the RAPIDE 3 to tilt into turns for optimal traction and balance even with a full load, making cornering as effortless and stable as possible, even at high speeds.

Large capacity with a small footprint

In order to carry a heavy payload and maintain maneuverability, we created at delta configuration 3 wheeled chassis which provides minimal footprint while maximizing payload.

Lithium titanate battery

Extemely durable and long cycle life battery adapted to daily high current fast charging.

Intelligent braking system

The single-speed transaxle and powerful torque from the brushless IPM motor makes the RAPIDE 3 easy to operate with the advantage of regenerative braking and instant response for acceleration.

Speed and abundant power

Intuitive Connected interface

RAPIDE 3 is equipped with an intuitive and intelligent interface that puts vital information at your fingertips.

Instant Data

Through the app all of RAPIDE 3's data can be monitored and preventive maintenance scheduled.

Fast Charging

To ensure that your E-Scooter is ready when you are, GAIUS has enabled fast charging to 80% in just 15 minutes using a battery that is rated to last over 8 years of fleet operation.

※ Onboard AC charger standard(1.2kW, 2.5h to 80%)